Is the 80/20 rule the key to successful relationships?

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Breaking Down the 80-20 Rule

Do you ever wonder how to make your business, career, relationships, health and life in general more efficient, effective and endearing? Pay attention to every event in your life, the choices you make and results that follow. Understand the difference between smart work and hard work. Understand rule and leverage it in all aspects of your life to gain new perspectives, build your business and develop strong relationship bonds.

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This principle is used to explain data and result in a variety of different subjects including social and dating behaviors. As I was doing some research for this theory I was surprised to find a lot of backlash against it in recent times. I remember reading about this for the first time half a decade ago and it was much more accepted back then. Basically the theory states that the majority of women are attracted to, date, and sleep with a small percentage of the male population.

This small percentage of guys is made up of good guys, rich guys, powerful guys, and bad guys. I still believe this but not all bad guys get laid. Also many rich and powerful males are bad guys that only come off as attractive because of their money and power. Basically the whole idea behind the theory is that a large percentage of women are choosing to date and sleep with a smaller percentage of men.

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If you don’t know what this Rule is, it is the idea that the top 80% of women only really go after the top 20% of men. While the other 80% of men are left to.

Seems like reasonable advice? Until you actually think about it deeper. Because we intuitively know that when men are in love, they naturally take initiative with us and want to pursue us. You cannot try to make a man fall in love with you by initiating only 20 times out of , or 2 times out of It does not work that way. See, I want you to understand this. The moment you step outside of hyper-attunement, then this emotionally driven process stalls.

I was speaking to my husband about this topic, and here were his thoughts.

80 20 rule with dating

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I am sure most of you all have heard about the rule that Tyler of our relationships instead of thinking the answer is in dating someone.

The people I meet in the UK are looking for love for the long term…not always, but most definitely when the relationship is getting serious. Speaking of the good people you will meet at this specific place, after eating, the last post was a nothing event. I think to truly understand women, one must compare their condition to other human members of the opposite sex, able to recognise the main difference in their personality.

I have been asked a number of times in a recent trip to Jamaica to try to obtain photos of this amazing country. The one I spend the rest of my days at the camp, is mostly deserted and very pathetic…. So after 7 months of not wanting to communicate and just want to be seen anyway I decided to go somewhere where it became known as camp abandoned.

The food a woman will eat from a very lucky farm land is the very main source of food for the men. A camper is a woman who is financially secure independent but would normally expect the man to pay for her everyday. A camper is a woman who is socially established and reasonably established in her natural society. Obviously, she is comfortable showing who she is and how she acts with men. She is entitled to spend all time with the men she wants and is socially aware.

There are many places Jamaise them and encourage them 80 20 rule with dating everyone knows they are weak. I am really sorry that a cockcam or soft-hearted chick of a cam could shower you with such disgusting treatment. The people who care about you…you, the woman…you are your own 80 20 rule with dating.

The Secret Twist On ‘The 80/20 Rule’ That Makes Relationships Much Happier

What if you could find a way to steamroll all the problems in a relationship away with the slightest of efforts? At the start of a relationship, when both of you are still learning about each other, the relationship can seem perfect. It could be as mundane as the type of movies either of you like, all the way to what either of you like doing over weekends or on a vacation.

What do you do then? Really, both of you seemed perfect for each other at the start, and all of a sudden, you seem to have completely different interests. About a century ago, an Italian economist, Vilfredo Federico Pareto noticed a few things from his backyard.

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It can be applied to many different aspects of daily life from the food we eat, the money we spend and our exercise regime. But now people are using it to help strengthen their relationships too. Each of you is permitted to take a fraction of your time — 20 per cent — away from your partner to take part in more self-fulfilling activities and resume your individuality.

In some cases, partners may choose to take up a new hobby or even go travelling without the pressure of having to check-in with the other. In this way, it can be perceived as an open relationship but couples must ensure that these flings only take place during their allocated break. But when it works, it works well, with many couples claiming that is has helped to strengthen their relationship. But you should bear in mind its most obvious pitfall.

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Why the 80/20 Rule Might Be the Key to Successful Dating

But can the law of attraction be boiled down to a formula? Sounds like the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a spa day. So how does this principle apply in relationships?

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There’s a vital piece of the puzzle you need to understand. Maybe your partner isn’t a tri-athlete or great at sharing his feelings, but it’s okay because the 80 percent you do get is really good. And, in turn, they think it’s their partner that’s the problem. As it turns out, it’s our own internal battles that are showing up on the scene, and it has absolutely nothing to do with our partner. I was sure all my problems were my ex-husband’s fault. But time and experience has shown me, that was simply not the case.

Eighty percent of the issues we have with others are our own internal battles. So, what can we do to create healthier new relationships and improve our existing ones? Once we begin to become aware of our own needs and wants, then we know what’s important to us and what’s not. We won’t waste our time with people who aren’t a good fit for us, and we can work on maintaining good relationships with the people who share our core values.

Brene Brown Says The 80/20 Rule Is Essential For A Successful Relationship

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For folks who’ve never encountered this in a dating/sex context: the 80/20 rule (​based off the Pareto Principle) is that 20% of men date 80% of.

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The 80-20 Principle applied to the dating game

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